Celebrating Hedda Sterne's Birthday

Today, the Hedda Sterne Foundation celebrates the birthday of Hedda Sterne, born on this day in 1910. Sterne lived a long and active life, and produced nine decades worth of artwork, beginning as a student in the 1920s, and continuing well into her 90s. It is the Foundation's mission and honor to maintain and provide access to her art and archives for those interested in learning more about this remarkable artist.


Celebrating Hedda Sterne's Birthday

Hedda Sterne with her painting, c. 1943

Hedda Sterne with her painting, c. 1943

Hedda Sterne was born on this day, August 4 of 1910, in Bucharest, Romania.  She came to the U.S. in 1941 and made her home in New York amongst a community of artist refugees of War II.  While many of her European compatriots tended to speak of their time in America as a painful but temporary exile, Hedda Sterne stood apart, feeling instead a sense of sanctuary.  She remained in New York after the War and became a distinctive presence in the New York arts community: she was a connection to the European Surrealists admired by many American artists, while at the same time playing an active role in the discourse and exhibitions of the burgeoning New York School.  The Hedda Sterne Foundation is dedicated to exploring and the legacy of this remarkable artist, and her philosophy of art as a process of engagement and discovery.


"1,000 Words: Readings from Independent Artists' Archives" at The Dedalus Foundation

Join The Hedda Sterne Foundation and many of our colleagues at the event "1,000 Words: Readings from Independent Artists' Archives,"  on Friday, April 21, 10:30am - 1pm, at the Dedalus Foundation.

Presented by the Dedalus Foundation and the Richard Pousette-Dart Foundation in association with The Brooklyn Rail, this event will feature readings of poetry, letters, interviews and visual texts from leading independent artists' archives.

We are looking forward to artist and poet Patti Trimble's reading of select unpublished writing by Hedda Sterne, gleaned from The Hedda Sterne Foundation's archives.  These writings - notes and diaries that Sterne kept from the 1940s forward - were the artist's way of organizing and investigating her thoughts on art and philosophy.  This reading will be the first time these notes are shared with the public.  Patti Trimble's reading will provide a window into Sterne's unique way of exploring the challenges and rewards of the artistic process.  

Other presentations will include a staged reading of the 1954 legal case: Barnett Newman vs. Ad Reinhardt and College Art Association; highlights from 15 years of artist conversations with The Brooklyn Rail; and selected readings from the archives of The Willem de Kooning Foundation; The Helen Frankenthaler Foundation; The Harriet and Esteban Vicente Foundation; The Reversible Destiny Foundation and others.

RSVP Required

1,000 Words: Readings from Independent Artists' Archives
Dedalus Foundation, 25 East 21st Street, Fourth Floor
April 21, 2017, 10:30am-1:00pm

One of hundreds of "studio notes" written by Hedda Sterne and part of the Hedda Sterne Foundation's archives. In Sterne's sprawling script: "The way to see my drawings is to try not to expect anything: these are drawings. They are the means used, but they are something else... The fact that they have varied meanings (images conjured) is an inherent part of them, whatever they are."

Welcome to the HSF Updated Website

The Hedda Sterne Foundation is happy to share our newly updated website.  As part of our mission to explore and share the remarkable legacy of Hedda Sterne, we are delighted to include dozens of new images of Sterne's artwork, an illustrated chronology, and additional new resources to help anyone interested in learning more about the artist follow their curiosity.

We wish to thank the many distinguished museums who have shared images of work by Hedda Sterne from their holdings.  Many of these images are collected for the first time on this site, providing a valuable illustration of the breadth and scope of Sterne's eight-decade-long career.

So please explore, enjoy, and stay tuned as we continue to add content.